Useful advice in the event of an accident!

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1) Check yourself, passengers and anyone else involved for injury
If someone is hurt, call for an ambulance Numbers to call are:

  • Pattaya City Call Center 1337 (English)
  • Bangkok Pattaya Hospital 1719
  • Pattaya Memorial Hospital 038 429 422
  • Sawangboriboon 038 222 474
  • Tell them you have been in an accident and give them your exact location

2) Do not move unless advised by the police
If they do move you they will either explain to the insurance man the position of the vehicles, before they moved you or will draw you a diagram to hand over. Do not leave the scene of the accident

3) Stay Calm, Be Cool
Just try and relax. Do not argue or apologize. Do not blame or accept the blame. Just collect your thoughts and assess the situation

4) Use your common sense
Depending on the seriousness of the accident you will have 2 options here. Settle by the roadside or call the insurance company. If you are not sure which option to choose Then call the insurance

5) For a minor incident
try to settle by the roadside, often the police (if present) will act as a mutual negotiator. If you decide to settle by the roadside please swap details with all parties involved after you agree on a price

  •  Names
  •  Contact number
  •  Car description and registration
  •  Insurance details
  •  Time and date of accident

*If you have a camera phone take pictures of the accident*

6)For a serious incident
call the insurance company on 1557 tell them you have been in an accident and give them your exact location. Wait by the car until an insurance representative arrive

7) Insurance representative
Once the insurance representative arrives s/he will ask questions about what happened. State facts and call upon any witnesses you have. The insurance representative will take photos, draw stretches and write a detailed account of the incident which they will ask you to sign as well as produce your driving licence

8) Yellow Paper
Once the insurance representative is satisfied they have enough details to process the claim you are free to go. They will give you a yellow A4 piece of paper which you must return to our office when returning the vehicle

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